Team Code of Honor

The #1 Thing Your Team Should be Doing

There’s a crucial secret that they never teach us in school. 

I’ll tell you right away – business is a team sport.

But, schools have been telling us from a young age that individuality is the way to go. 

What happens if we try to cooperate and do something together in school?

The teachers say, “That’s cheating!” 

So, we can’t lean on others and we mustn’t help anyone or else we’re cheaters too.  

But, then you step into the world of business, and voila! It’s not cheating anymore. It all becomes cooperation and teams. But, rarely is anyone prepared for it. 

What’s the consequence?

The employees have no idea how to act as a team. Except for those, who in rare cases, played team sports in their youth. 

In fact, companies that pay their salespeople well always look for this. That’s because team sports are sometimes the only way to learn the essential aspects of business:

  1. Camaraderie
  2. Competition
  3. Discipline
  4. Team play 

When playing in a sports team, these factors are critical for developing a winning mentality. That’s the spirit that takes you to the top of the game. 

Likewise, if you have a team that doesn’t operate as a team, your business will suffer.

I’ve noticed this much, if the team is happy, the business will flourish. It doesn’t matter if I’m working with a huge brand like IBM or L’Oréal, or the guy with a yogurt shop down the street. 

A good team will make it work. The energy goes up and the tide rises for all the boats.

To have a good team, however, you have to define a list of values. And, all your team members need to go by the law of these values.

For example, my team follows our Code of Honor. It’s a set of rules (like our own Ten Commandments) which everyone needs to respect.

And, all great teams have their own set of values.

If you still don’t have a team, it’s time to start thinking about one. Along with the values that they’ll represent. 

Be Awesome!

How to Recruit the Best People for Your Business Team

I have received a lot of requests from my readers to talk about teams — more specifically, how to build and recruit for a team. If you want to be a solopreneur, work 24/7, and not reach massive sales growth, then this video isn’t for you.

However, if you want to grow your business into a successful empire, you’ve got to build a team comprised of the best people. So, how do you that? Where do you find these people? How do you attract them? Watch this video for more of my insight!

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Team Code of Honor: The Secrets of Champions in Business and in Life

Every great team, culture, society, religion or business that has endured time, adversity and challenge has always had one thing in common: a set of simple but powerful rules that govern the internal behaviors and expectations of that group. It is called The Code of Honor. We hear of these Codes when we think of things like The Ten Commandments, the Marine Corps or the Constitution.
Yet if sales is the number one skill in business, number two has to be the ability to bring ordinary people together to build a championship team. This does not happen by chance or by the simple accumulation of talent. The Code is the core ingredient to creating winning organizations.

The book is a step-by-step guide for any individual, group or company to actually create a Code of Honor specific to their team. The Rich Dad Poor Dad Advisor series was designed as a “how-to” series to empower individuals to succeed in the world of business and finance. “Team Code of Honor” is critical to this series because its processes bridge all facets of business, investment, entrepreneurship and even personal life. The book explains through graphic examples, stories and numerous case studies how a Code or set of rules is created, maintained, enforced and used for rapid and controlled growth of any entity.

The book is designed as an operating manual for putting any business team together. It steps you all the way from properly choosing players, to creating the Code, to increasing performance and to winning. Each chapter gives the team-specific assignments and examples so that by the time you have completed the book, your Code is in place and your team is operating at a true championship level.