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The Missing Part of the Success Formula Equation

If you had read my previous post, [Discover the formula for business success], then you would know that the sell-team-teach model is an important and strategic process to help you close the gap on reaching your dreams and earning you lots of money.

But what if I told you that this technical plan had one serious flaw? The ignorance of this flaw could not only kill your chances of achieving your dreams, but it will make you eternally frustrated!

The business or technical development formula is: Sales equals income. Teach others to sell. Build reliable systems. While the knowledge of this model is very important, there is something else missing that will be critical to your success in business and in life.

Let’s take a look at your brain. People say you use 50% of your brain, but let’s say you use only 10% of your brain consciously. So, what’s going on in the other 90% of your brain?

We call that 90% the subconscious, and it’s subconscious because it stores all of these memories and experiences that you don’t consciously think about all day long. It can include negative memories like the time you lost a lot of money, had your heart-broken, were disappointed in something or someone; but it can also be positive memories, like when you won something or had a major accomplishment. All of those memories and thoughts are stored in there.

Let’s think about the sell-team-teach model. When you’re trying to generate income, you get responses like “I’m not interested” or “You have no idea what you’re talking about.” What happens to you in those moments? You subconsciously think about all of those moments when you didn’t feel like you were good enough… maybe you can’t really do this.

All of those thoughts we call the “little voice.”

Now, if you’re thinking right about now, “But I don’t have a little voice,” that’s the little voice I am talking about.

Everybody has one (several actually). They can be good or bad, but the most debilitating ones, the ones that crush us, are those that say Oh, I can do it tomorrow, or I’m not good enough, or I don’t think I’m smart enough for this, or I’m not pretty enough. All of those things are keeping you from making sales calls. Or closing the biggest deal of your career. Or approaching the love of your life.

These voices occur in the heat of the moment. When emotions are running high, you react instinctively based on what that little voice is saying to you.

The key to reaching your goals in life, to making more money, and to forming important relationships is to manage the little voice and get it out of the way of your path. Recognize it and master it through some of the techniques that are found in my book Little Voice Mastery.

So, by now you realize that reaching your fullest potential is a two-pronged approach: you have the sell-team-teach model which acts like your business development plan. Or you have a technical development plan. Health plan. Relationship plan. And taking control of your little voice is your personal development plan.

Here’s another reason why this plan is so important. Think about everyone who wants to get fit, including yourself. It’s not rocket science: Stay active, sleep well, don’t eat bad foods. If it’s so easy, then why are so many people struggling with losing weight? It’s because their little voice holds them back from the things they need to do in order to achieve the goal of being fit.

To find out what area of your life the little voice is hurting you (or helping you in some cases), take the Little Voice Diagnostic. Once completed, you’ll receive a report with the areas you need to master to experience the success you are seeking.

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You can also access 21 techniques to help you master your negative little voice. Get them here and choose the one tailored to the part of your life or business that needs the most help. Learn it, memorize it and you can transform your life in just 30 seconds or less if you have the right technique for the right little voice that pops up.

Be Awesome!

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