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9 Changes to Lead a Happy and Successful Life

As the pandemic fades into the past…If it has taught me anything, it’s that nothing good comes from waiting. In order to lead a happy and successful life, you have to make changes. And… You have to make them yourself.  Here are 9 changes you can make to answer the question “Where do we go from here?” 

1. Stop Waiting 

If you want a happy and successful life, you have to take action now. That means, take initiative and get in control of your own destiny. Don’t ever put your life in the hands of someone else – keep a firm grip on your own steering wheel. 

2. Value Connection

During the pandemic, I learned along with millions of others that connection is priceless. No matter the form, you have to learn how to connect with others. If you don’t have people to connect with, use tip number one – take initiative and create a group. 

3. Create A Community

Your team is your number-one asset, and it’s easy to create a community these days on social media – even if it’s just 20 – 30 people that follow you. That community will become your tribe, and that tribe will become your customers. 

For some reason people seem to feel down and out when they have 20-30 followers, or just a few people on a live cast.  Imagine speaking in front of a room of 20-30 of your most interested fans to put it into perspective.  That’s how you beat your Little Voice. 

4. Keep an Eye on Your Health

Your health is your responsibility, and you have the ability to manage it and make your body as strong as you possibly can. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it – you’ll lead a long, happy life and feel better about yourself along the way. 

5. Keep an Eye on Your Wealth

Get your financial education and stay committed to your financial well-being. Don’t push the responsibility off on someone else, because it’s yours alone to take care of. 

6. Be Vigilant

Watch what’s going on around you and look at the big picture. Keep your head on a swivel. Make judgments based on your own truth without depending on what others say and do. 

Own your decisions… and remember to take action. 

7. Unify People

This isn’t a skill that’s taught in school – you’re going to have to learn through trial and error. It’s not easy, but a unifying leader will encourage people to bring people together with a common goal and a common vision. 

8. Eliminate Uncertainty

All problems can be solved. If you’re confused and worried, those feelings are going to block out your vision. Eliminate the fear and uncertainty that surrounds decision-making. If you work through your uncertainty, all sorts of opportunities will present themselves. 

9. Know Your Brand

Your brand is what you deliver on a constant basis, and it’s how you create a successful future. You don’t need a ton of people to create one, but you do need a reliable team. If you don’t have a team, join one that shares your same values. 

If you put these pieces together, you can create the best of times for your business.

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Keep in mind, your business is a journey. 

Part of that journey is allowing your market or audience the opportunity to know, like, and trust you. 

And… you never get a second chance to make your introduction. 

In fact, the hard truth is, you have about 10 seconds before people form an impression and opinion of you. It may not be right… it might not be fair, yet… once they form their opinion, it could take you months or years to change it… If EVER.

To be confident, you MUST quickly and concisely establish credibility, respect, trust, and likeability in a compelling way.

Let’s face it, introducing yourself to a group, a room, or a stranger at a networking event can be terrifying. When it’s time to overcome your fear, and present your best self, I made this for you, I think it’ll help…

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Be Awesome!

Competence in Business | Stop Resisting THIS…

If you are looking for competence in business… Have you ever wondered if you’re resistant to being coached? 

I was asked this question for the first time in over 30-years early last year, and I’ve got news for you… If you’re not being coached right now, you might be resistant to it.  AND… If you’re resistant, your competence over time will suffer.

Athletes, actors, almost any professional that you can think of. And not just one coach, either. All sorts of them, from health coaches to mindset coaches to wealth coaches and everything in between. 

Why is that? Keep reading…

Because you can only know so much. With life being so busy, you need someone who will hold you accountable – and that’s what a good coach does. A good coach doesn’t necessarily give you information. Instead, they help you seek it out for yourself… Which leads to you having greater competence in business.

If all of this sounds great, you might still be wondering why you’re resistant to being coached. Let’s think about that. 

What’s going on inside your head? Does your inexperience prevent you from seeking a coach? Or, perhaps you’ve reached a point where you believe you don’t need one?

Click “Play,” and turn up the sound on the video below… then continue reading

Let me be honest with you… If the latter is your reason: You don’t want to be held accountable, and you know a coach will ask that of you. 

Being resistant to coaching is synonymous with being resistant to success and competence in business. That’s the hard truth. 

Look, we get it…

Not being successful is easy. You don’t have to work hard, and you can be lazy. Nobody’s going to bother you. 

So if that’s what you want… I’m not sure what you’re doing here. It takes effort to read, and you already know where you stand. A lot of pressure comes with success, so it’s clear why it’s easier to admit defeat, and confine yourself to the comfort of conformity.

But here’s the thing…

Much like carbon turning into a diamond, great things can happen under pressure. If you’re in the right environment and stick with it, you will evolve. You will shine. You will thrive.

By being resistant to coaching, you’re giving priority to the trivial distractions of your life more important than your dream – and that dream is who you are.  It’s what you stand for. It’s what you were put on this earth to do. 

If the past couple years have taught me anything, it’s that no one can get through this life alone. You can try to get competence in business on your own, and… Most people do not succeed. Most people need coaches – you need a coach, and I do, too. 

Be willing to step up, stop making excuses, and force yourself to be accountable. Find good people and face the music. Don’t run from it!

Let others help you get there, and you will be great. 

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Final Thoughts on Communication

Communication begins with consciousness… With awareness of your surroundings. Think about this: Rather than attempting to communicate with someone, sell something, market something, criticize something, or have a discussion… Be aware of your surroundings and the situation you find yourself in.

You’re probably thinking, “what specifically should I be aware of?”

That’s a great question, keep reading.

When I developed the skill I’m about to share with you, the effectiveness of my communication went through the roof. Like any other skill in business and in life, I had to practice. It didn’t come easy in the beginning.

Communication Skill: Aim for awareness of little voices going on in the other person’s mind. Here’s some ideas…

  • I’m afraid of losing my job.
  • I am afraid about the future.
  • My insecurities get the best of me.
  • I don’t know if this is going to work.

Before I ask you what kind of leader you want to be, you need to know this… As a great communicator, you need to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of what is going on in the mind of the people you’re communicating with. Once you have this awareness, your aim is to address them effectively in your language.

Recognize that people desire dignity and respect. As you know, sensitivity levels are high right now. Why are sensitivities are so high? Fear is at the center of it all. People do not think rationally until they overcome their fear. You may be the only one who can instill in them a sense of hope, dignity, and respect. They can then rise beyond the desperation of becoming bankrupt, hungry, starving, dying, or becoming ill.

Click “Play” on the video below for my final thoughts on communication… you will be glad you did.

Reader, I must ask you… What kind of a leader do you want to be? How far do you want to take your business? Who do you want to influence?

Your communication is made up of words, tonality, inflection, and body language. Mastering these components will put you on your way to becoming a great communicator.

Since you’re here now, you’re reading this post, and you know you want to enhance your communications skills and take your take your business to the next level… I’d like to invite you to check out Blair Singer’s Training Academy (BSTA).

It’s a new world of business skills for entrepreneurs you can take with you and access anywhere, at any time. 

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I’ll see you on the inside… and until then…

Be Awesome.