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Andy Tanner – Expert Stock Market Investor

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  • How to make money no matter what way the market runs – up, down or sideways

Blair Singer – International Sales and Leadership Coach and Author

  • Secrets to Exploding your income in the next 12 months
  • How to attract and create your own Champion Level team in your business

Garrett Sutton – Corporate Structure and Legal Specialist

  • Structuring your business for success and protecting your assets particularly over the next several years

Tom Wheelwright – Tax Specialist

  • How the tax law is a stimulus package for entrepreneurs and investors and how you can take advantage of it
  • How to create real wealth strategies in your business

Darren Weeks – Expert on Raising Capital

  • Funding your own deals no banks involved!
  • How to have investors lined up WANTING to give you money.

Josh and Lisa Lannon – Social Entrepreneurship Experts

  • Creating an inspirational company culture
  • Investing with Purpose, living the entrepreneurial dream

Ken McElroy – Expert in Real Estate, Asset Investing and Business Opportunities

  • Hedging inflation by investing in the right assets
  • Investing Secrets to building a cash flow business


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Take Back the Word Capitalist

Guest Post by Robert Kiyosaki

I often quote from Dr. Frank Luntz’s book, What Americans Really Want…Really. I appreciate his comments on whom Americans respect today and whom they hate. I want to repeat what he wrote here, because it is so true and so disturbing.

Luntz wrote “that ‘capitalism’ had become the equivalent of a four-letter word, that Americans believed capitalists were corrupt and that they represent unfair competition.”

What! How can that be?

At the same time Luntz writes that what American loves, are entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are innovative, involve others, and achieve entrepreneurs are seen by Americans as business innovators and wealth creators.

But arent capitalists entrepreneurs? How can there be such a huge difference in opinion?

Its because America has forgotten what a capitalist is. Americans wrongly believe that capitalist are corporate executives.

Luntz says, “…it’s hard to tell which has become the stronger emotion: respect for entrepreneurs or hatred towards CEOs.”

Dr. Luntz also states:

“In fact, by better than a 3-to-1 ratio, Americans now trust entrepreneurs more than they trust successful CEOs In today’s world, ‘Capitalists’ frighten people, and capitalism is short hand for CEOs taking tens of millions of dollars on the same day their pens wipe out 10,000 jobs.”

This cultural shift that believes Capitalists are corporate executives is wrong. It’s taking the language and corrupting it. I am taking back the word ‘Capitalist’.

A true Capitalist is an opportunity creator; a job creator; a giver. A capitalist has the courage to act, even though there is no safety net. Capitalists are the only ones who will pull the world out of this fiscal disaster the world is facing.

And the best part is that anyone can be a capitalist. It takes a little financial education. It takes the courage to stand up to the world of being an employee and safe. It takes the ability to spot an opportunity or create an opportunity. It takes the ability to keep learning, especially from ones mistakes and it takes the strength to never give up.

That’s what a capitalist is. That is what I wanted to be as a kid. That is what my rich dad trained me to be. And that is what I encourage you to be. Because that is what the world needs right now.

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