Are you tired of receiving too little for what you give?

You work really hard, put in a lot of time, effort and give a ton of yourself, but if you are like many, it seems that the return on that investment is either not equal to what you put in or it doesn’t exist at all.

Do you know what I mean? I am sure that you do.

Have you ever given your time, shared your skills, provided money, and shared your resources to only receive what feels like nothing, or very little in return? It can happen among co-workers, business partners, clients, associates and even spouses. The result… feeling depleted, sometimes ripped off and even resentful!

The problem is a lack of understanding of one word. It is likely that this word is responsible for holding back oceans of income, support and love and could be blocking your best plans and dreams.

The misunderstanding of this word, while simple, is what causes businesses to fail, people to go broke, relationships to die and even communities and nations to war with one another.

The word is “exchange.” As you read the word, I am sure several examples of unequal exchange come up in your mind.

While I am sure that you agree that exchange means to “give and receive in a reciprocal manner” something falls short in real life. Have you ever felt “out of exchange?” Felt taken advantage of?

Those that master the understanding of this word in a business sense, make a tremendous amount of money. Those that understand it in relationships have long, nurturing, passionate and loving relationships.

One of my teachers said, “In it (exchange) lies much of man’s inability to get along with others. All interpersonal and all national and international relationships are monitored by what is being exchanged.”

Therefore it is critical that you watch this video immediately and learn that there are 4 Types of Exchange. ONLY ONE OF THEM is going to make you money and give you what you want. The rest will leave you broke, tired and angry. This video could represent the quantum leap you have been waiting for to unlock what you desire! Do not go another day out of exchange!

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