Stand in the Face of Fear

Fear can stop us in our tracks, sap our confidence, and create unreasonable doubt within us.  Many people say that the word “fear” stands for “False Evidence Appearing Real,” which is what makes is so difficult to combat.  Watch the video below to learn a simple technique that will help you overcome fear quickly so that you don’t miss out on important opportunities.

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Accelerated Learning Techniques and Experiential Training Offers Fast Effective Results

Recently, I was asked where my teaching style comes from… Here are the highlights that address my use of Accelerated Learning Techniques and Experiential Training that has proven to make learning a lot more powerful, effective and fun…

Many years ago, one of my early mentors introduced me to a super effective teaching style he had studied with Georgi Lozanov, a gentleman who coined the term “Suggestopedia”. “Suggestopedia” means that everything in a learning environment suggests something which is adding to the learning experience or detracting from the learning experience… nothing is neutral. For example, if it is too cold in the room, it is distracting. If it is too warm, students fall asleep. If the teacher is angry, the students can’t concentrate on the materials being taught. Exposure to “Suggestopedia” led me to study how people learn and I discovered that there was this whole field of study called Accelerated Learning. My fascination with Accelerated Learning Techniques led me to incorporate them in to all of my programs for the past 25 years!

There are two parts to effectively teaching someone. I believe that Education in not just sharing information…

Education is a process of transformation.

This means:

  1. Giving people the information in a manner that they can comprehend and retain it most effectively and…
  2. Giving them an experience of actually doing this new thing they are learning so they can incorporate it into their own lives.

Using this educational process has repeatedly generated the results people are looking for while participating in programs with me. I’ve witnessed people increase their incomes, build stronger teams, achieve better health, forge better relationships, become happier with themselves and their lives, and more – in just a few days!

Accelerated Learning Techniques allow me to provide this type of education/transformational learning in a very short period of time by working on integrating how both the right and left brain take in and retain information.

Left brain thinking is very logical, linear, and uses words while the right brain is creative and pays attention to color, music, emotion, and feelings. So, whenever I teach, I use data like words and numbers, but I also introduce color and images (and sometimes music), simultaneously.

Additionally, Edgar Dale discusses in his Cone of Learning that the most powerful way to help someone truly understand and remember new information is to give them an experience of it. Experiences are far more effective than someone seeing, hearing or reading new information when it comes to comprehension and retention. So, I really focus on creating experiences for my program participants so that people can get the lessons.

For example, when I teach selling, I have people actually sell in the program. Participants learn by having the actual experience of doing it (selling in this case). Once the experience is over, we discuss the emotional, physical and operational reactions to the experiential exercise the participants went through.

Using Accelerated Learning techniques and Experiential Learning, I’ve helped many people increase their sales from 15-85% in a matter of a few weeks, heal relationships, envision, and then achieve their dreams very quickly. Accelerated Learning, combined with experiential programs, is the fastest and most effective way I know to impart information to people so they truly understand, remember, and are able to apply it to their lives for immediate transformation.

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