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8 habits to be rich | Being a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki

Here are 8 habits you need to learn in order to become rich.

You might already know, Robert Kiyosaki and I have been friends since 1980. We’ve been working together ever since. I’m going to tell you what he’s really like, and the real story of the experience of being his advisor. 

1. Be an insatiable student. 

Robert is an adamant student. He studies things intently. 

We show up having already studied the information – Why? Because we want to be prepared and have an edge over others around us. 

2. Know it’s not for the faint of heart.

You’ve got to be ready for immediate and direct feedback – not only from Robert, but from any advisor.

Who do you hang around with? If you want to be successful, you have to hang around with people who tell you the truth. 

If you’re going to be rich, you need to be able to take direct, unabridged, unbiased feedback. And when you get that feedback, whether you agree with it or not, shut up and listen to it. 



3. Hang around people smarter than you. 

My team is composed of the smartest people I’ve ever met, and any advisor will tell you they are fortunate to be a part of their team. Why? Because they are consistent students, and they’re always learning and getting smarter every day. 

4. Expect random phone calls. 

At any time of day, the phone could ring with one of the other advisors asking you a question or giving feedback. 

This random phone call could make a difference in your life, which is why you should always be ready to receive it. 

5. Be your best at all times.

There is no downtime, whether you’re on stage, a guest on a podcast, or with a client – no matter what, strive to be your best. If you’re in action, there’s no slack to be had whatsoever. 

Never settle for second best. 

The wealth of each advisor is linked to another advisor in the group, and you can’t let your team down.

6. Network

The network of the advisors is sacred. I’m not going to do anything in business without running it by one of them. Why recreate the wheel when your friends are your advisors? Do you have those kinds of trustworthy people in your midst? 

7. Be generous. 

What is Robert Kiyosaki like? 

He’s very generous with his time, wealth, and knowledge. What he does for others in terms of education and contributions is amazing. If he feels he can trust you, the door is always open. 

In your midst, do you have that level of trust? 

Are people willing to do whatever it takes to support you, and are you willing to support them in return? 

8. Have fun. 

If you can’t laugh, you have no business being an entrepreneur. You’ve got to have fun and make light of things. That fun comes from the passion of entrepreneurship and the passion of being who we want to be. 

Getting Rich

On your road to becoming an entrepreneur, don’t forget to challenge yourself, educate yourself, and hold yourself accountable. Remember that you can only learn more, never less. 

How to Earn Respect and Trust from People Immediately

In your ascent to building a great business, you’ve got to learn how to earn respect and trust from people quickly. 

If you don’t command trust and respect from someone early on, they’re gone. You’ve got anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes to make or break it – and knowing how to establish trust is one of the most nerve-wracking things for a salesperson and a leader.

You’re nervous, they’re skeptical – and it only takes seconds to make a judgment. 

That creates the perfect storm to fail… And now you won’t, not after you read this. 

7 Ways to Earn Respect and Trust

Here are 7 ways to earn trust that will work in any situation, at any time. 

1. Go into their world first.

Don’t immediately try to sell them something. Go into their world and show that you’re interested by asking lots of questions. By doing this, you’re creating an environment in which they can trust you. 

2. Spend time acknowledging them.

Don’t blow smoke, because people know when that’s happening. Instead, be sincere. Always remember your body language and facial expressions. Faking it will never work, so acknowledge people from the heart. 

3. Earn the right. 

People want to know why they should listen to you, and why they should trust you – so you’ve got to earn the right. You can do that by establishing your credibility early on and sharing the honest reason as to why you’re there. This allows people to get to know you through transparency. 

4. Ask for permission. 

Always preface anything new by asking for permission. It’s common courtesy, and that courtesy will register within people’s heads. 

5. Be honest and vulnerable. 

Don’t pretend you’re someone that you’re not – be 100% honest and 100% vulnerable at all times. 

6. Never, ever trash a competitor.

All this does is send the message that you’re a complainer. Use responsible language instead of blaming others and making excuses. 

7. Make agreements for the purpose of keeping that agreement later.

Now, that person sees you did what you said you were going to do. You’re building a track record that says you keep your promises. This sets you apart from everyone else and earns you respect. 

There should be no reason why your nervousness prevents you from making a sale. And there should be no reason why it prevents people from seeing the real you, because at the end of the day, that’s what people want to see. 

Establish the trust and respect that you deserve. Go out there and be amazing. 

It takes conscious effort to follow each of the 7 ways to establish trust and respect. There is always this little voice inside your head that is telling you to do otherwise.

You can choose to be the master of that Little Voice inside you that casts doubt and makes you question yourself.

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8 Things You Should NOT Do to Succeed in Business

If you want to start, grow, or scale a business, this could be the most important article you read this year. These are tricky details that have the potential to trip you up and cause a lot of struggle when starting, building, and scaling a business. 

Let me put it to you straight. 

If you avoid the 8 points below, you will have even more control over your outcome, be better able to achieve your goals, and be admired by your friends, family, and peers as they watch you ascend into your own personal greatness. 

What’s more… 

If you ignore these details, you might find yourself under the thumb of your business, find it difficult (or impossible) to achieve your goals, and you might find resistance and discouragement from your friends and family as your peers laugh at you behind your back.

8 Things You Should NOT Do To Start, Grow, or Scale a Business.

1. Don’t be a person that has no ‘why.’ 

You need to have a great reason as to why you want to create your business. If you’re getting your business started in order to be financially free – that’s a good reason. It shouldn’t be your only reason, however. 

2. Don’t go in without a plan.

Having a goal, wish, or a vision isn’t the same thing as having a plan. These things provide a mission to get excited about, but you need a roadmap detailing how you’re going to get there.

3. Don’t be without advisors. 

Advisors are people to converse with who have expertise in an area relevant to you. You are not an island – the thought that you’ve got to do everything on your own will stop you from reaching out for support, and that’s something you cannot do. 

4. Don’t avoid being a student. 

Have a student mindset. Research all that you can. You don’t have to be an expert, but you should be excited over what you’re doing business about. 

5. Don’t begin without an idea of how to scale your business. 

From the very beginning, you should have an idea on how to see as much growth as possible without collapse. 

6. Don’t be averse to being on a team. 

You need to start with a team. Take on a project that there’s no way you can do it by yourself. If you’re not a team player, become one. In order to be an entrepreneur, this is something you need to do. 

7. Don’t avoid making mistakes.

There are times that you will be embarrassed, make mistakes, and times when you’ll need to change quickly. You have to learn to develop a thick skin and roll with the punches. Keep moving, don’t stop and contemplate your mistake – just continue your upward track. 

8. Never consider quitting as your first option. 

If quitting is your first option, it becomes a habit. Once you start confronting hardships instead of running away from them, you’re going to get superb at that confrontation. 

At the end of the day, if you can avoid these 8 ‘don’ts,’ you will become the person you want to become, whether your business succeeds or fails

You will also gain more control over your outcomes, rather than being controlled by external forces. 

Plus… you just might find yourself as an authority in your space. Imagine people looking up to you as a pillar of success and security. Let’s face it, it beats the alternative. 

Before you go any farther, be honest with yourself as I ask you a couple of questions… 

Does money elude you? Is Success a fleeting wish? 

Are you still waiting for a “breakthrough” in your life?

Would you feel uncomfortable if you suddenly became rich and famous?

If you said, “Yes” to any of those questions, the Self-Sabotage Eliminator can help you eliminate any subconscious problems in your life that interfere with you attaining your long-standing goals in minutes…

… For good.

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6 Things You Should NEVER Do If you Want to Win in Business or in Life

Here are 6 things you should never do if you want to win – in every sense of the word. 

1. Never tell your mentor: “I know that.” 

If someone is taking the time to show you the ropes, they’ve clearly got the experience it takes to do that. To this person, you should never say, “I know that” or “I’ve tried that” in regards to something they’re trying to teach you. Even if you actually have tried what they’re suggesting and it didn’t work, you still need to take the time to listen. 

Hear it differently this time. Ask questions. Be open and receptive so you can get new ideas, be included in great investments, and be a part of great opportunities. 

2. Wait 60 seconds to respond to something upsetting.

If you can wait longer than 60 seconds, that’s ideal. If you don’t respond right away, you’ll find that your quality of response will be 100 times better. If you respond right away, your emotions are high and your intelligence is low. 

3. Never gossip about other people. 

No matter who you’re with or if you think you’re safe, don’t do it. In sales, we’re taught never to trash our competition to a customer because doing so is in poor taste. Not only that – what goes around comes around.

The second reason not to trash others is because putting others down is no way to build yourself up. 

If you avoid talking poorly about others, you become someone that people trust with confidential information. 

4. Don’t compare yourself to others. 

By comparing yourself, you cut your energy and effectiveness in half because you’re focusing on what another party is doing and letting their actions guide your decisions. 

Remember that there’s no one out there like you, no one with exactly your experience.

You need to spend time learning to like yourself and building your self-esteem. Comparing your wealth, your position, your effectiveness… all of those things will kill you. 

5. Never let someone else determine your mood. 

There’s only one person that can make you feel bad, and that’s you. If you believe the bad things that people say about you, that’s on you. It can be hard not to take these things to heart, but it’s a skill that you have to learn. 

You’re the one who manufactures your mood. 

6. Never make a sizable investment for a brochure or an ad. 

Make sure to have due diligence. Get experience with whoever you’re buying from and look into what they do. Get a referral. Don’t go into something blindly just because an ad looks enticing. 

Bonus – Three Things TO Do

Here are three things TO do in order to win:

  1. Boost your self-esteem. 
  2. Be a goal-setter
  3. Be grateful 

If you follow these tips, you will be able to walk into a room as your best self every single time – and you will see success both in business and in your life. 


No matter how much you follow the tips I have, things will not always be a walk in the park.

There are times when you think you can’t do it. You are sabotaging yourself.

The annoying  “Little Voice” in your head will tell you you are tired, you need to stop, you’re not good enough.

Will you listen to the annoying voice in your head?

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How to Sell Anything to Anybody….Anytime

Whether you’re self-employed, an entrepreneur, or business owner, you have to know how to sell. Here are 5 five tips on how to sell anything to anybody… at any time (even if you’re just getting started). 

1. Take a look inward. 

When it comes down to it, selling has nothing to do with your product. It doesn’t have anything to do with the customer, the economy, or any of those outside factors. Instead, sales has everything to do with what’s going on inside your head. 

Once you stop worrying about what’s happening externally and only focus on what’s going on internally, you will smash through your goals.  Heck – it’ll get under the skin of your biggest competitor, too. 

Do you like the sound of that?  Keep reading…  


2. It’s all about energy. 

If two people come together in a selling situation, the person with the highest energy will always win. If a customer’s “not buying” energy  is higher than your “selling” energy, they’re going to win. And if your energy to serve them is greater than their energy to not be served, they’ll buy. 

Sounds simple?  It all boils down to this… 

3. Understand your people. 

You’ve got to have a good idea of what people’s desires are. This involves research and time spent talking to them so you can get a well-rounded idea of what will motivate them to buy. 

There are a few major buying motivators people in your market have. When you identify what they are, you will be better able to match your product or service with their motivations. 

For example… 

Nobody buys ‘training’… they buy what the training will get them. Will the training bring them even more control over your message? Or, perhaps make them feel confident or powerful in front of a group? Or… maybe it will make them feel less out of control.  

Maybe your offer will help them get an edge over the competition… or make decision makers entranced in their message. 

What’s more… 

4. Don’t fall into the ‘pitch trap.’ 

If someone tells you, “Tell me what you’ve got. Give me your pitch.” Don’t do it – walk away. You will never sell there, because at that moment, you’ve allowed them to categorize you as a commodity. They’ll listen to your pitch and they might even like it, but all they’re going to do is compare you against someone else. 

Instead of pitching, ask questions and find out what it is that they need. If a potential customer answers your questions, you’re dealing with a legitimate buyer instead of having your time wasted. 

And then, it all boils down to this.

5. Make an irresistible offer.

Give the customer exactly what they want – on their terms. Then, add something they haven’t thought of or something they need. You must articulate the additional value of what you’re tacking on, and preferably make it the offer visual. 

Selling Anything to Anybody

No matter the situation, you are always selling something. Whether that’s a product, a service, your attitude, an idea, a vision, or influence. 

The only question surrounding this process is: who’s going to win? If you’re relentless, the winner will be you. 

Now, we both know to close a sale, your market or audience needs to know, like, and trust you. 

And… you never get a second chance to make your introduction. 

In fact, the hard truth is, you have about 10 seconds before people form an impression and opinion of you. It may not be right… it might not be fair, yet… once they form their opinion, it could take you months or years to change it… If EVER.

To be confident, you MUST quickly and concisely establish credibility, respect, trust, and likeability in a compelling way.

Let’s face it, introducing yourself to a group, a room, or a stranger at a networking event can be terrifying. When it’s time to overcome your fear, and present your best self, I made this for you, I think it’ll help…

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Be Awesome!

4 Ancient Buddhist Practices That Bring Success

Recently, my travels brought me to Thailand. I did a program there, and had the unbelievable honor of spending 3-days at a Buddhist temple outside of Bangkok.

I studied and meditated intently with a senior Buddhist monk. I learned 4 practices that can make you successful if you implement them in your life. I’d love to share them with you. 

These principles have been used by the best minds in spirituality for over 2,500 years, and can bring you great success if you implement them in your life and business. 

Click “Play,” and so you can apply these 4 Buddhist principles in your life and business.

There are 4 ancient Buddhist practices that can make you very successful, rich, and happy… if you know how to apply them.  You’re here now, so if you’re going to scale a business and improve your entrepreneurship, these practices will make a huge difference in your life. 

1. Clear your mind. 

Imagine your brain as a muddy river. You can’t see what’s at the bottom, and you don’t know if there’s dangerous creatures floating around down there. 

That’s how your mind is when it’s cloudy. 

Now, picture sailing a boat into a beautiful, pristine Caribbean lagoon. It’s crystal clear. In fact, you can see all the way to the bottom. 

That’s how your mind should be. 

(Keep reading)

When you clear your mind, you are able to make decisions, make plans, and be the calm eye in the center of any storm. 

2. Understand that human beings are born with 3 mental diseases. 

Those 3 diseases are: 

  • Greed, 
  • Hatred, and 
  • Delusion, 

There is evidence of these diseases all over the place. You have to constantly fight these mental proclivities in order to achieve success. 

3. Practice the 5 precepts. 

The 5 precepts are: 

  • Do not kill, 
  • Do not steal, 
  • Do not lie, 
  • Do not practice sexual misconduct, and 
  • Do not pollute your body. 

Simple, right?

And yet… There’s more to them than what meets the eye.

Take ‘do not kill,’ for example. Of course, it means not to kill living things. But it also means that you shouldn’t kill dreams, ideas, or your own attitude. Don’t kill what gives you life and spirit. 

Now, take ‘do not steal.’ Don’t steal physical things… and don’t steal ideas, either. Don’t take anything that isn’t yours. 

Regarding ‘no sexual misconduct,’ this refers to extramarital activity first and foremost. It also deals with the concept of disloyalty in general. Along with staying loyal to your marriage, you should also remain loyal to your team, your brand, your commitments, and your values. 

When you consider ‘do not lie,’ know it won’t always be easy to tell the truth. 

Sometimes, it will be painful. But if you lie, the lies will build up until they take over your whole life. 

And lastly, ‘do not pollute your body.’ In business, stay focused. Don’t self-medicate, don’t turn to alcohol or drugs, don’t turn to shopping, don’t turn to whatever is new and shiny. That’s just a diversion from the goal. 

4. Stay clean and orderly. 

It’s essential to clear away what you don’t need. For your most efficient and productive work, your space should be pristine and tidy. In a clean area, you feel bigger. That will translate to an entrepreneurial setting, and no one will be able to knock you down. 

The 4 Buddhist Practices

You owe it to yourself and your team to practice these principles that have been proven again and again over 2500 years by some of the best minds in spirituality. Don’t waste another second – you deserve to achieve your dreams. 

A lot of entrepreneurs have the desire to apply these Buddhist principles. What’s keeping them from doing it is the thought of not being able to stick to it.

It’s a form of self sabotage.

Are you one of those who listens to the annoying ‘Little Voice’ inside you who thinks things can’t be done for one reason or another? 

This powerful system was taught to me by one of my great mentors. It changed my life. When you use it, I am confident it will change yours. Click here to download it now >>