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How Competitive are you… Really?

Are you super competitive?

Do you believe that competition is necessary to measure your performance, affirm your abilities and legitimize your skills? Do you measure and compare yourself to others to see how you “stack up”? Do you even compete with yourself?

If you said, “Yes!” you’re not alone.

All our lives we’ve been told we must compete in order to succeed. “You have to be better than ________!” You have probably learned you have to outrun, outmaneuver and outperform others – and when you do so you are praised for your victories and rewarded with public recognition, scholarships, money, positions and more.

But, what if I told you there is a much better way … that there is a HEALTHIER, MORE EFFECTIVE and BETTER WAY TO WIN at any game you play rather than falling into the typical competitive behavior that we learned while growing up?

I invite you to watch this amazing and empowering video from my mentor Mack Newton who shares in detail why competition is actually not good or healthy for you. His approach gives you a completely different way to win and offers a solution to help avoid the traps of competition. This methodology will help you achieve your goals faster than ever while experiencing a calmer mindset, less stress, lower tension and an overall better, happier lifestyle… and allow you to WIN MORE!!!

Just click on the play button below to watch this video now!

Be awesome!

Use Positive Events to Build Positive Life Experiences

6 Tips to Being Happier and More Successful

I have studied under many mentors, all using different approaches to help people find ways to lead happier, more fulfilled lives. In this blog post, I will share some of the highlights that I practice myself, because I found each of them to have tremendous value, and when combined have helped create dramatic shifts in my life. I encourage you to employ them as part of your own daily living and create the positive life experience you want to have for yourself!

  1. When something good happens in your life – celebrate it! This allows you to pause and truly enjoy your life in that moment.
  2. While you are celebrating and experiencing that moment of emotional joy, also take a moment to be grateful to have this experience in your life. When you express gratitude for what you have and do so with a positive attitude, you are sending a message to this Universe that you would like to attract more of the same. This may be a bit “woo woo” for some of you, but it won’t hurt to try it.
  3. Envision your dreams for yourself and then set goals that you can use to drive your daily activities towards achieving your dreams. These goals will keep you moving towards the things that will deliver the most happiness to you. Goal setting helps you get what you want quickly and efficiently instead of just hoping and wishing for things to magically appear in your life (which usually does not work).
  4. If you fall short of achieving a specific goal, you can look at what you DID achieve and learn in the process of pursuing the goal and celebrate THAT win (see point #1)!positive_events_blogpost_image
  5. Whenever something positive in your life happens, own it.
    Yep, that’s right – take ownership that you helped make it happen (even if it seems like this wonderful thing fell from the sky into your lap) and tell yourself these two things:
    a. Good stuff like this happens to you ALL THE TIME and
    b. YOU DESERVE IT.It wasn’t a one-off strike of luck (you’re always lucky and the Universe knows you deserve good things, so it sends them your way all the time). Dr. Marty Seligman wrote a book called Learned Optimism which talks about the significant statistical increase in sales performance for sales people who have an optimistic outlook over salespeople who do not. You may not get why it works, you may not be a “woo woo” kind of person – but the statistical proof backs up that this behavior and thought process can actually help you experience more success in your life… so try it!
  6. My mentor, Mack Newton, taught me to use affirmations when facing a challenging situation. Try an affirmation like: “I like myself! I CAN do this!” Doing this will help you briefly tap your energy source to help you keep going when you doubt your ability to carry on. Repeat it as often as needed until you are done. It has helped me in countless workouts, when I think I have nothing left, to keep going. I employ this technique and always access energy that I did not know was there to carry me through!

There you have it, 6 things you can start implementing in your life TODAY for a dramatic improvement of how you experience your life and the success you create in it!

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Welcome To The Wonderful World Of Living Life With A Purpose

The mere fact that I’m sitting here writing this for you is a testament to the unbelievable life-changing power of goal-setting. I spent most of my years as a young adult viewing myself as defective. I felt that something was fundamentally wrong with me as a person. Maybe I was the reason my father-deserted my mother and I… maybe I was the reason she died. Maybe… I was just defective.

No… I wasn’t, but I believed I was and that belief set the course for my life. I needed big medicine to change me and ultimately… my life. And… I-found it… in goal setting. Naturally, I set goals that were meant to make me more confident, courageous and compassionate. Goals that would-allow me to honor and respect myself… for that is one of the keys to life and without it you would not be charitable or have the ability to look at the
world and see beyond yourself.

So many are using goal-setting to achieve tangible goals and that’s great, but the early purpose for me using goal-setting was simply to get a life.

So, early on, I set numerous intangible goals… I needed to learn how to value and trust myself… to make good, good decisions that would enhance-my self-esteem. In addition, I wanted to prove to myself that I was okay… that I wasn’t defective… that I was good… in fact, that I could be great.

All of that… and more… is within the power of goal setting. When you achieve the major skill of goal-setting, you truly have the ability to rebound-from any of life’s challenges and the confidence needed to pursue your true possibilities.

You’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again… success is goal-setting… and all the rest is just conversation. Following an effective-goal setting process will allow you to feel the power of that statement. And… like me, you’ll soon come to the conclusion that becoming an-obsessive goal-setter gives you the ability to control the direction of change in your life.

When you set goals, you’re saying “Thank you!” for all the good things that are working in your life… it’s positive self-esteem in action. When you-discover what you truly value in life and then learn how to match your goals with your values, you will, in effect, truly have your hands on the steering-wheel of your life.

As a life-long martial artist, I’ve been influenced by many principled, honorable and committed individuals. Even in this impressive group, Blair Singer-stands out. His energy is contagious… his vision is limitless and I am honored to be involved with someone as committed to goal setting as I am.

We-invite you to learn what you truly want and become convinced that you too can live the life that you’ve imagined using the powerful process of-goal setting.

Join us in taking a huge step out of the shadowy world of just hoping things get better and into the wonderful world of living life with a purpose-when you start to set goals for yourself. Access our Champion Level Goal Setting Program here.

Pil Sung!
Mack Newton, 8th Degree Black Belt GTF
Director and Master Instructor, Newton Fitness and Taekwon-Do, Phoenix, Arizona


Could Goal Setting be a Spiritual Practice?

You have the power to change your life

Does Goal Setting as a spiritual practice sound too woo woo to you? It did to me when I wrote it. But, I decided not to change it because, I want to make a point, woo woo, or not. If you believe that you came into this world to discover and share your unique gifts that will help others, as I do, then you cannot help but realize that goal setting is part of that process. To find what you are supposed to be doing, it takes a process of aligning your values and talents with meaningful goals that bring wealth and happiness to you, and others around you.

Some people are blessed by identifying their unique gifts early in life. Some start honing their talent at a very young age, such as: Tiger Woods in golf; Justin Bieber with music; and Michael Phelps as a swimmer. Why? Because they set goals for themselves that took them deeper into their talents. But, not everyone is this driven that early in life or, if they are, they get disillusioned too soon. Perhaps their environment does not support their desires, or their self concept has been damaged too severely to even approach their true potential.

Sometimes as we grow up, we become programmed with what we believe we should accomplish based on all the values and stories that were shared with us over the years by those we loved, respected or feared, whom we let subconsciously define who we believe we should be. We fall into doing what our subconscious minds feed us to do and react to our lives, instead of making decisions based on our talents and what we feel passionate about… what we really are supposed to do. As Mack Newton says with the right process, Becoming a compulsive goal setter gives you the ability to control the direction of your life its like having your hands on the steering wheel of your life. Goal Setting is part of the practice of self-discovery.

In the program that Mack Newton and I put together, Champion Level Goal Setting, we help you evaluate your goals based on the true impact they will have on your life, overall. For instance, its nice to say you want to get the living room painted in 3 weeks or buy a Porsche in the next 6 months. But, if you are also saying: Get off cholesterol and blood pressure medication, connect with 10 new people that can help you get funding for your non-profit organization, spend at least 30 minutes a day with your kids before they go to sleep, and win the lottery you can see you have a lot of goals, possibly too many, possibly conflicting, possibly out of obligation rather than choice and others that are simply wishes not goals.

The solution to discovering who you are supposed to be and getting the wealth you deserve is a matter of prioritizing. To achieve a dream takes energy and passion. And the reason you sometimes dont get what you want is because without your spirit engaged, you dont have the energy to pull it across the line.

And, for me, when I go through this goal setting exercise (usually every 6 weeks or so), I let the process naturally filter the goals down to the ones that will have the greatest positive impact on my life right now. And you know what? Many times they are not the ones I originally suspected. But they are the ones that my heart and soul really want. When that happens, all the other goals get magically pulled along in the vortex of the gravitational pull of those few key goals. Its as if your spirit is saying thank you and that universal ocean of wealth and abundance and joy automatically open up. Again, as Mack says, When you achieve the skill of goal setting, you truly have the ability to rebound from any of lifes challenges and the confidence needed to pursue your true possibilities.

So, I say real goal setting is a spiritual practice when done in a way that helps you focus on becoming the person you want to be who achieves the things you are most passionate about vs. mindless acquisition or knocking things off a to-do list that have minimal overall effects on your life.

Learn more about the Champion Level Goal Setting program that Mack and I created to help you set and realize the right goals for you, and create the plan that will have you experiencing successes in weeks, not months!

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Making Goal Setting Work for You

Make Goal Setting Work for You
Make Goal Setting Work for You

I received many excellent questions on my last blog post titled “GoalsA Deciding Factor to Reaching Your Highest Level of Success” (the blog post just before this one). I decided to answer a couple of the key ones here to help you greatly improve your ability to get what you want quickly and effectively.

Q: – Why is it that I can set really, really important goals with the best of intentions and a high level of commitment and yet, struggle to keep my focus on them… and take so long to reach them (if I reach them at all)?


A: – It is very common for people to set goals, especially at the beginning of a New Year, and to manage to completely forget them in about 4-6 weeks. If the everyday grind and periodic emergencies of your life are what you focus on and demand your attention ultimately, they become your life. So, you must find a way to give frequent and focused time to your goals, period.


Mack Newton and I recommend that you rewrite your goals by hand on a weekly basis, on the same day of the week, at the same time of the day until you achieve them. By looking at your goals frequently, they become guideposts to what else you will give your attention to throughout the day. Otherwise, forgotten on a sheet of paper in a drawer, (or worse, in the deep recesses of your mind, because you did not write them down), they diminish until they are completely….gone.

The real reason, that you may allow the everyday grind and periodic emergencies of your life to distract you from your goals is that deep down inside, you may feel that you don’t deserve what you want. You arent good enough, worthy enough, smart enough whatever. It is this lack of deserving and a flurry of other silent self-sabotaging, confidence eroding Little Voice issues that mysteriously erode your ability to achieve. In the Champion Level Goal Setting Program, we give you processes that will handle all of that, once and for all.

Q: – How do I know what goals are the RIGHT goals for me?

A: – The typical answer is that people often create such big goals that can be overwhelming. So, breaking them down into smaller pieces helps make them achievable. For example, a goal to lose 100 pounds can be changed to the goal to lose 10 pounds a month for 10 months.Setting reasonable goals is one answer, but the bigger and more likely answer is; Knowing which goal is tied to what you are emotionally and spiritually most committed to achieving.

When you select goals that help you move closer to sharing your values, unique gifts, talents and visions with the world, vs. trying to keep up with the Joneses or because your parents, your friends, the media or your Little Voice is telling you what you are supposed to do, you will know you have the right goal and you will be much more likely to achieve it! What I am describing is what we call your Major Defining Purpose (MDP).

My mentor Mack and I know that figuring out your MDP is critical, so Mack developed a process which helps you match your values to the goals that are most meaningful in your professional, family and personal life that are part of your MDP. In the Champion Level Goal Setting program, we take you through this powerful process to help you pick the RIGHT goals for YOU… the ones that will open the floodgates of abundance and achievement that you desire and deserve.

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Goals… A Deciding Factor to Reaching Your Highest Level of Success


Some people are very structured and have everything mapped out before they ever start doing something. Others, like me, get an idea, pounce on it and start enlisting as many other people as possible to help get it done without extensive planning.

When it comes to goal setting, it does not matter whether you are a “planner” or not. Planning and goal setting are not the same! There are people that need to plan everything: Their way to the office, what they wear, every place they are going… There are those who can’t move unless they have a plan. Unfortunately, there are many people who use the lack of a plan, or the complexity of a plan, as an excuse for not getting what they want. You see, you can blame a plan, but you can never blame the goal.

Your goal… your REAL goal of achieving great things for yourself, your family and your community is an extension of you. A real goal that really “works for you” is a manifestation of your Spirit. And when you get it right, it will actually suck you straight into it. It has such has attractive force that it pulls you right into it emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally… and it manifests.

Knowing this, I am still amazed that only 3% of people actually set goals for themselves to achieve what they want from life. This is a staggering number in how LOW it is! And, the reason it is staggering is because goal setting has proven to make an exponential difference in people’s levels of success! I dont know how accurate these numbers are, especially today, but it does drive home the point:

In an excerpt from What They Don’t Teach You in the Harvard Business School, Mark McCormack tells a study conducted on students in the 1979 Harvard MBA program. In that year, the students were asked, “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” Only three percent of the graduates had written goals and plans; 13 percent had goals, but they were not in writing; and a whopping 84 percent had no specific goals at all.

Ten years later, the members of the class were interviewed again, and the findings, while somewhat predictable, were nonetheless astonishing. The 13 percent of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent who had no goals at all. And what about the three percent who had clear, written goals? They were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.

This excerpt is taken from a blog post at:

Even though I am not a huge planner, I have always set goals. Goals have propelled me towards everything I have achieved in my life. Nothing just fell in my lap – it was always part of a grander scheme. Not to set goals is the equivalent of choosing to achieve less than what you are capable of and certainly get less of what you want – or take much longer to get it.

Setting goals is not the same as planning every little move – but it is definitely being clear on what you want in your life. And it is a conscious way of choosing what you will do as you make decisions every day that support you in moving closer towards getting what you want, rather than letting yourself get pulled away and distracted.

A plan is good, but the roadside is strewn with great plans blowing in the wind that never happened. It is the right goal, devoid of Little Voice considerations, and full of deservedness that is the beacon that pulls you through the storm.

If you are setting goals for yourself – CONGRATULATIONS – you are already setting yourself up for more success than approximately 97% of the rest of the population. If you are not setting goals, don’t give up on your own dreams so easily; invest the time and effort into getting what you want!

And, for those of you that have no idea where to start when it comes to setting goals, or dread the process, I partnered with my mentor Mack Newton and came up with a solution just for you! We developed a program that is fun, fast-paced and totally practical to help you achieve everything you want in your life! If you need help with goal setting, visit: